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At Dr. Martine Roberge's Clinic, we offer two categories of services: Assessment Services and Therapy Services. In each category, we offer more specifics services targeted to your own special needs.

Whether your child or youth has academic problems, difficulties with attention or behaviors at home or at school, feelings of sadness, anxiety or poor self-esteem or if you have concerns about a specific disorder (ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, ODD, etc.), Dr. Roberge is able and registered to provide the diagnosis. 

Dr. Martine Roberge offers therapy services targeted to children, youth and for families. Therapy can help with anxiety, depression, selective mutism, OCD, phobias, poor self-esteem, major life transitions such as divorce or grief and also sexuality or gender concerns. She also offers parent consultations that can help with providing strategies to better cope with their child challenges and support their skill-building.


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